Corporate Culture

Our Vision:

To be the most respected and stylish cross-border e-commerce supply chain service provider

  • Understand and satisfy customer needs, set the trend of customer needs and exceed their needs to win the respect from customers;

  • Build strong senses of honor and pride among employees by improving our position in industry and brand image to win respect from employees;

  • Promote the sound development of international e-commerce logistics industry and grow with partners to win respect from the industry;

  • Perform corporate responsibilities by caring for and contributing to the society to win the respect from the society.

Our Mission:

Bring people a better life with efficient international e-commerce logistics services

  • Bring convenience and pleasure to people with efficient and stable logistics service experience;

  • Offer tailor-made products and services to cater to different customers.

Our Values:

Honest, Enterprising, Cooperative, Innovative

  • Honest:

  • Give priority to virtue, be fair, honest and never break promise in work and life

  • Exert positive influence on others with honesty

  • Enterprising:

  • Well perform responsibilities in an effective manner

  • Be proactive to assume responsibilities, undertake new tasks and embrace new challenges

  • Keep curiosity alive, and never stop learning and improving

  • Cooperative:

  • Be open to win-win cooperation and grow with partners in the industry;

  • Focus on the bigger picture, cooperate with others to achieve the common goals;

  • Share professional knowledge and experience and grow with colleagues.

  • Innovative:

  • The purpose of innovation is to create value for customers;

  • Everyone and everything can be innovative;

  • Be bold in making breakthrough and trying, never fear to fail and learn from failure.

    Our Business Philosophy:

    Customer satisfaction is what we focus on.

    • Focus on long-term development, never damage customer value for commercial profit.

    • Pay attention to and get insight into customer needs, and keep meeting customer needs with premium products and services.

    • Place emphasis on communication with customers, respect their feeling and grow with them.

    Our Management Philosophy:

    Care for the growth of employees, make their work and life enjoyable

    • Offer employees a good working environment and incentives

    • Improve staff training system and access to career development, giving them the pleasure of growing with the company

    • Respect and trust employees, give them guidance and encouragement, bringing them the pleasure of success

    • Enjoy both work and life