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UEQ focuses on building the most efficient "Global Smart Delivery" service network and is committed to becoming an excellent global smart delivery service provider (Global Smart Delivery). UEQ launches four major service products, namely UEQ express™, UEQ ePackage™, UEQ uPost® and UEQ Freight™ to provide cross-border e-commerce customers with comprehensive, high-standard and professional logistics solutions.

UEQ Express®

Special line service

  • Full-oriented services
  • High controllability
  • Personalized solutions
  • Price discounts
  • Real-time tracking
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UEQ ePackage®

Express Service

  • Four express resources
  • Standard services
  • Global coverage
  • Time-controlled
  • Real-time tracking
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UEQ uPost®

Postal Service

  • UPU resources
  • Affordable
  • Wide distribution scope
  • High security
  • Real-time tracking
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UEQ Freight®

Large goods service

  • Diversified transport modes
  • Time-controlled
  • Standard services
  • Personalized solutions
  • Real-time tracking
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Comprehensive import platform

Provides systematical and flexible solutions and 24-hour full-oriented online services.

Independent import platform

Provides the customized cooperation process and the most cost-effective solution.

Comprehensive export platform

Provides customized services for cross-border comprehensive export platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Wish.

Independent export platform

Provides professional and customized solutions for independent cross-border platforms.


Provides fast, efficient, and stable comprehensive solutions for import and export, and displays complete route information for each order.

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Current Cooperative Customers

UEQ has developed into a quality choice of thousands of cross-border e-commerce companies and Daigou groups. Professional services, strong technical support, good network-wide operations, and a series of value-added services have made UEQ the best partner.