Insured Value Compensation:
(1) Insured amount: 100% of the declared value of the goods, no more than RMB 10,000 each parcel.(2) Insurance fee= insured amount* premium rate (1.0%).(3) No deductible excess for damaged parcels.(4) The absolute deductible excess for each accident of loss of goods on the part of UEQ is 20% of the amount of loss. There is no deductible excess for loss of goods arising from the responsibility or fault of carrier other than UEQ (subject to the written statement issued by the carrier other than UEQ).(5) Goods beyond the Coverage of Insurancea. Precision instruments (criteria: A. Special requirements on shockproofing, tilting prevention and dustproofing in transit; B. Devices that can’t be repaired in China after damage; C. Single commodity with an insured amount of over RMB 5 million. Commodities falling into one of the above-said category will be considered precision devices or instruments);b. Animals alive and fresh plants;c. Large bulk cargos (including minerals, agricultural products, chemical products, coals and oils in bulk);d. Crafts (including carvings, weavings, embroidery, antiques, calligraphy and paintings, chinaware and jades), cash, negotiable securities, jewelry, computer software and other goods with an insured value that can’t be objectively determined;e. Vehicles, aircrafts, ships and related transportation equipment;f. Weapons and ammunitions and parts;g. Goods listed in GB12268 List of Hazardous Goods.(6) Scope of insured liability: The door-to-door insured liability is effective from the departure of the insured goods from the shipping point as set forth in the insurance policy towards the post office, and ends with the arrival of such goods to the destination as provided in such insurance policy and delivery of such goods to the receiver.(7) Mode of claim settlement: A claimant may claim for settlement of insurance with UEQ CS specialists.(8) Claim settlement documents include:a. Screen shot of an online order or offline shopping receipt;b. Screen shot of waybill record platform webpage;c. Loss: a statement issued by the logistics provider and unpacking list;d. Damage: a statement issued by the logistics provider (or unpacking list), photos of damaged goods;e. ID card copy (front & back) of the insured;f. Account to receive the claim payment of the insured.