Product Strengths

  • Service strengths:Standard, regular and stable customs clearance, efficient and fast, port flexibility, few restricted categories, E-data customs clearance

  • Flexible and fast customs clearance:whole-process E-customs clearance, multi-port cloud customs clearance. E-data customs clearance is completed by direct connection with customs system and pre-pushed orders can be applied for customs clearance in advance, several times more efficient than traditional customs clearance through printed materials. Meanwhile, multi-port cloud customs clearance can ensure stable effectiveness.

  • Cost Optimization:Less freight charges, optimized handling fees, competitive customs clearance fees and lower taxes. In comparison to general trade import, our customs clearance based on duties on luggage and postal parcels and the duty-free policy for goods less than RMB 50 can help save customs duties and value-added taxes. Together with UEQ’s professional air transportation and other efficient international transportation operations, users will have optimized fees.

  • Standard and Regular:Under the new cross-border B2C polices of customs, our logistics operations are standard, regular and professional.

  • Whole-process system router tracking:Whole-process router system connection and status tracking provides efficient, convenient control. The professional technical team of UEQ provides system API interface and advanced logistics interface to realize real-time mutual transmission and connection of goods preparation instructions, customs clearance instructions and order instructions.

Operation Requirements

Product categorycompany filingcommodity filingthree documents (warehouse receipt, bill of entry, bill of lading)D cardcustoms clearanceeffectiveness
UEQ ExpressID numberE-data customs clearance8-12 days

Service Users

  • Mainland China or overseas (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) independent E-commerce platform enterprises

  • Mainland China or overseas (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) integrated E-commerce platform merchants

  • E-commerce and purchase agency platforms (WeChat merchants, C2C) dealing with miscellaneous cargoes cargos

Collection Points

Overseas warehouses in Tokyo, Osaka, Inchon, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, London, Amsterdam, Australia and New Zealand.